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1. What is your view on efforts by the House majority to repeal these recently adopted provisions?
a: Health insurance reform
For repeal of health reformAgainst RepealOther

b: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to regulate credit abuses
For repeal of BureauAgainst RepealOther

c: Pay-go rule to prevent more public debt by requiring any new mandatory spending or tax cuts to be fully paid for
For repeal of pay-go ruleAgainst RepealOther

d: New Environmental Protection Agency standards to limit greenhouse gas pollution
For repeal of protection standardsAgainst RepealOther

2. To strengthen the economy, what is the single most important priority:
Invest in higher education
Cut taxes
Provide renewable energy incentives
3. To improve our energy policy, what is the most important Congressional priority?
Increase support for renewable energy and green jobs.
Approve legislation to strongly curtail carbon emissions.
Drill where possible, including environmentally sensitive areas.
4. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
a: Congress should preserve Social Security, not privatize it

b: Congress should not place any restrictions on a woman’s access to abortion

5. What should be our top immigration priority?
More border security
Broad immigration reform with path to citizenship for law-abiding, tax-paying residents
6. Should the federal government substantially increase its regulations on the advertising and sale of tobacco products?
7. Should the U.S. again intervene militarily in Iraq?
8. What should be done to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons?
Negotiate a strong, verifiable agreement
Use military force
9. Should Congress repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, which tightens regulations on banks and other financial institutions?
Please use the space below if you would like to provide a more detailed explanation to a response,
or suggest a priority of yours that is not listed above.

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