Tour Requests – Updated Information

Additional Washington Tour Information

Thank you for your interest in scheduling your tour of Washington D.C. through my office. I always appreciate seeing my constituents in Washington D.C; you have inspired my work these past twenty four years with your civic engagement and passion for the issues.

As you may know, I am retiring from Congress at the end of this year. I am in the process of closing my office and will not be able to book any tours that are scheduled for November 11 or later. If you are planning a visit to our Nation’s Capital after that date I am asking that you redirect your request to the Office of Senator Feinstein who will be better equipped to assist you. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can access her website and submit a new tour request here.

It has been a honor and privilege to serve the Central Coast in the U.S. House of Representatives. I will cherish my memories as the Central Coast’s longest serving member of Congress. Thank you again for contacting me. I am excited for this next part of my life and look forward to continuing to serve our community as a citizen politician. I’m returning to the people I love, and the beautiful district that I’ve called home my entire life. I’ll see you around the Central Coast.

If you are coming to Washington, D.C. before November 11 and would like assistance in reserving tours, please call my office at 202-225-2861. I can’t promise all venues will have availability, but I’m happy to help.