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Our nation’s capital is a wonderful place to visit for vacation or business. If you’re headed to Washington, my office is happy to arrange tours for you to some of the capital’s most well-known landmarks including the United States Capitol, the Library of Congress, and the White House. While you’re in town, make sure to stop by our office and say hello.  

Due to Congressional protocol, we can only accommodate tours for constituents of California’s 49th District. Please enter your zip code to request a tour, and note that some require significant time to complete security clearances, so plan accordingly.

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Tours Offered

White House
A self guided tour of the East Wing and ceremonial floors of the White House. Allow 30 to 45 minutes for this tour.

We must receive this request at least 2 months in advance.

Visitor access records to the White House Complex will be made publicly available 90-120 days after the date of visit. This policy includes all guests touring the White House. Please be aware that your full name and the date of your visit will be part of the publicly released records. Your date of birth, Social Security Number and all other information provided will not be released.

Library of Congress
The tour includes a guided viewing of the art and architecture of the Library of Congress. Tours by trained Library of Congress staff are offered Monday-Friday. Please allow at least 1 hour for this tour.

United States Capitol
This a guided tour of the ceremonial spaces in the Capitol and covers the history, art, and architecture of the building and Congress. The tour takes approximately 90 minutes.

Gallery Passes to the House and Senate Chambers are available upon request. Please add at least an hour to your tour time for each gallery.

State Department
A tour of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the Department of State, which hold a premier collection of 18th Century American furniture, paintings and decorative arts.

This is a fine arts tour and is not recommend for children under the age of twelve. Wheelchairs are available but strollers are not permitted.

This tour is conducted Monday through Friday. Please allow up to 1 hour for this tour

Engraving and Printing
A guided tour of the facility where U.S. paper currency is printed. This tour is a favorite of children.

Available Monday through Friday. Please allow at least 1 hour for this tour.

Supreme Court
This is a lecture in the court room highlighting the history of the Court and the art and architecture of the court room and building.

Lectures are only offered at 2:00 on days when the Court is not hearing oral arguments. Please allow at least 1 hour for the lecture.

Kennedy Center
A guided tour of the main performance spaces at the Kennedy Center. Tours are offered Monday through Saturday. Please allow at least 1 hour for this tour.

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