This page will provide you with information on how to order a United States Flag through my office. These flags can be flown over the United States Capitol in honor or memory of a person or special occasion. To place your order by mail, fill in the form below, then click the "Calculate Prices" button to see a customized order form you can print out and send in.
To find out how to order by credit card, please click here

There is no limit on the number of flags you may order. Flags can be purchased in multiple sizes. All flags are sold at cost. Please allow 5 weeks for flag deliveries.

If you choose to, you may have the flag flown over the Capitol Building. All flags flown over the Capitol are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Flags may be flown for a particular person, event, or organization, and may be flown on a specific date. If multiple flags are requested to be flown, they will all be flown on the same date and shipped at the same time. If you need flags flown on different dates, you must submit separate order requests for each separate date to fly the flags.

Here's an example of what a certificate accompanying the flag might say:

This flag was flown for John Smith in recognition of his retirement from teaching after 40 years of dedicated service.

If you would like to learn more about our flag, the proper way to fly it, instructions for folding the flag, the words for the pledge of allegiance, or how to dispose of unserviceable flags, the American Legion web site has an informative section on the U.S. flag.

To proceed to the order form, please first fill in who is purchasing the flag, and where the order will be sent.




The next address is where the order will be sent. This information must be filled in.




SizeMaterialQuantity Flown Over the CapitolQuantity NOT Flown Over the Capitol
3'x5'Nylon @ $13.05 @ $9.00
3'x5'Cotton @ $13.30 @ $9.25
4'x6'Nylon @ $17.55 @ $13.50
5'x8'Nylon @ $22.05 @ $18.00
5'x8'Cotton @ $24.05 @ $20.00

If you choose to have your flag flown over the United States Capitol, please complete the following information for the certificate. If you have multiple flags to fly, they must all be flown on the same date. If you have multiple flags to fly on the same date, and you would like different names and/or occasions to appear on each certificate, please leave the name and occasion information below blank, and use a separate document to enclose that information.

Please submit your request at least five weeks ahead of your desired date.

Clicking on “Calculate Prices” will calculate shipping costs and the total amount due, and will show the results in the order request page that can be printed for mailing.